Chevy Turbo Titan III

Just learned about this thing in modern history class today.
What a beast! and it was made in 1966!


Jon Russell said...

how the hell do you steer that thing?

Jason Ho said...

good question

D-Zine said...

its got two spinner knobs. sick

Bill Taylor said...

I found this site after searching on Turbo Titan III. My Dad was one of the Chevrolet engineers who worked on that truck in the 60s. In fact, he was one of a small handful who were allowed to drive it, as the turbine engine was pretty tricky. My Dad is now 84 years old, but remembers the truck fondly. Here are his thoughts:

"At the time Chevrolet was getting very serious about turbine engines. Although this was highly experimental. The key advantages were power and fuel economy and cheap fuel(Kerosene). The driveability was outstanding, however, the driver had to be extremely careful about monitoring turbine temperatures. The engine could not be used for braking as in internal combustion engines. I have no idea what happened to the vehicle. Since it was one of a kind, I assume they kept it in storage or scrapped it.

As an added thought the disc steering wheels (the truck did not have a steering wheel--it had two small discs in front of the driver), if you remember, I had them installed on a passenger car for evaluation in normal driving situations. This type of steering system was very novel at the time and required a lot of attention to normal driving. I kind of liked it but I do not think anybody else did!"

My Dad is the passenger shown in the photos. He and one other guy drove it to the New York World's Fair (I think in 1966). My Dad further noted that when they drove through Pennsylvania, they encountered a large hill that other trucks had trouble climbing. The Turbo Titan when over it "like nobody's business."