john maeda inspired quote:

the longer you dwell on the idea of simplicity, the more complex it becomes.


hype overkill?

purple it is

3am sketch

color sugguestions?

Experience at Mosport Raceway

This past monday, I got the pleasure of experiencing a superleggera going 260km on track. Mann the G-forces around corners are just astonishing. Chance of a lifetime.

photo courtesy of cheungangus

Fox (kitsune) study

GM Summer Internship 08 process

Weekly update of Evan and Tyler's summer internship at GM.


Randoms from 2nd Semester


a bit less than 3 weeks until classes resume.
summer has been quite productive, filled 2 large sketchbooks.
Going to buy a 12wx when i get back down to the D, so that's when the renderings will come.
for now, I'll post some sketches to start off the uploads.

am90 burger by Olle Hemmendorff

can't get any fresher than this

via Cyanatrendland

volt preview

let the countdown begin

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