dinner sketch

Synth Concept (interior final)

Print your own!

final presentations from sophomores

Jee Hee Song

Sang Don Kim

Michael Yun

Dong Seok Lee

Namwoo Kim

Sung Hyun Kim

Jaymer Starbody

Jae Park

Matthew Dunford

Vaughan Ling

Jon Salerno


The bookstore at College for Creative Studies will be printing the shirt I made for digital fundamentals class. I will post the pictures when the design is ready.

So keep an eye out for the new shirt when you come back from break!

final project preview 2

floor layout

viscom draft layouts

le mans 24hr action shots
for sung paik

have a look.

Reflections of American society

Painting used: Russolo - The Revolt

final project preview

i like this one

why not?

quick color study

Digital Canson!


snickers commercial with Toronto scenery.

it's oh kei cars

Rhino watch finished

here it is folks.

Demo for Tung Wah

tung wah design,
jayho remix.

front view

Watch in progress

gotta love internet resources


I'm currently a featured portfolio on Car Design News.
Head over to have a look!


viscom again

christmas card competition whoot!

purple! ?

exterior proposal for interior project (2)

Viscom motogp exercises

Digital Fundamentals Midterm

criteria: Create a photo collage representing my major

ya thats me in there

sketchbook chaos

Rhino Class Mid-term Exam

2 hours 10 mins

Viscom small truck

zombie wall-e on sketches

painting 2