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Ward's Competition

(Jaymer Starbody, Myself, Matthew Dunford)

For studio this past semester, we had an in-class competition sponsored by Ward's Auto publication calling for a sustainable interior concept for 2020. My interior proposal was based on stretching flax fabric over almond shell molded sub-frames to form the interior components.

Yesterday at the SAE congress in Detroit, it was announced that I was one of the 4 finalists contending for the top honours. I am very grateful for everyone's kind words and compliments these past 2 days. There has also been a surprising amount of media coverage for the event.

Ward's will announce the result in about a month's time. So check back often!

Web coverage:
Wall Street Journal: Blogs
Detroit News
Car lovers magazine

signed by camilo

so camilo dropped by the studio again today,
and of course I took the opportunity to get my gt model signed.
good stuff.

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this one's for you zack.
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