showcase test


shooting with the new d90



julien montousse!

what more needs to be said?

ram int3

too green?

ram int2

ram exterior1

GMtv Interview


Eva-01 Model Kit

I've been working on this 1/60th scale EVA-01 perfect grade kit from bandai for the past 2 weeks, after 3 coats of paint and polish, I present to you...the finished product.

Ram Interior 1

Chrysler Sponsored Studio

i'm back!

sketch blitz. CCS Senior studio x Chrysler.

jeep brand exploration.


I have a portfolio website coming sometime next week.

This blog will become an extension of that.

Thanks for all your support!

I have permission to show my cadillac work, so stay tuned.

And GM gave me a corvette for the week, if anyone's wondering about the above picture.


Last week at Cadillac

Presentation to Ed Welburn is scheduled for Aug 30th at 3pm.

The half scale model is nearing completion.
Front seat armatures come in this monday.
Steering wheel in SLA processing.

Fun times.

overhaul in progress.

new template update on monday.

website also in the works.

bug on my paint!! little holes on it now.

Working at GM Tech Center

For the duration of Summer, I will be working in the General Motors Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. For this internship, I am assigned to Cadillac's Interior Studio. I've been working for a week now, and it has already exceeded my expectations.

First Impressions:

It's much older than I expected, but kept really tidy. Not much clay on the floors even though models are everywhere in the building. Half the lights in the hallways are always turned off, guess that's gm's way of saving every penny. My id gives me access to all the studios in the building, many of the projects being worked on now are for release in 2014.

Everybody is really helpful, and the atmosphere is really positive. There is a lot of laughter all around, which is always good to have. My project should be making rounds in the 2011 Autoshows hopefully (and that's all I can say).

have a good one!


Found these at the local Zellers.

starck toy

prus wun!

lol autochina snapshot

strange fashion...


citroen metropolis flick

hot damn..

essy you wee

goodbye summer plans

Ward's Competition

(Jaymer Starbody, Myself, Matthew Dunford)

For studio this past semester, we had an in-class competition sponsored by Ward's Auto publication calling for a sustainable interior concept for 2020. My interior proposal was based on stretching flax fabric over almond shell molded sub-frames to form the interior components.

Yesterday at the SAE congress in Detroit, it was announced that I was one of the 4 finalists contending for the top honours. I am very grateful for everyone's kind words and compliments these past 2 days. There has also been a surprising amount of media coverage for the event.

Ward's will announce the result in about a month's time. So check back often!

Web coverage:
Wall Street Journal: Blogs
Detroit News
Car lovers magazine

signed by camilo

so camilo dropped by the studio again today,
and of course I took the opportunity to get my gt model signed.
good stuff.

二 ?

this one's for you zack.
killer 2.0

suv time


lost mind




batmobile territory, almost.

bugatti doodle

Interior Project - Done

Presented the interior project this past Tuesday. Funny thing is, they did all the judging on the night, but aren't going to inform us on who the winner is until their interiors conference that's held in May. We're moving on to sketch projects now, so I will be posting loads of sketches these next 3-4 weeks. Check back often!

Jewelry Class

So for the past 4 weeks I've been attending an elective jewelry class.
Learned a lot about ring & chain soldering, hammering, patinas, etc.
Here are the two pieces that i made during the course.


interior project wrap up.

hsv onboard

v. gundam blue frame inspired

maybe i should turn hobotic into a gundam blog, and start another automotive one. comments?

int progress

threw together a quick surface model this morning, for overlay use.




sport quattro

bring me waffles..

trooper goodness