batmobile territory, almost.

bugatti doodle

Interior Project - Done

Presented the interior project this past Tuesday. Funny thing is, they did all the judging on the night, but aren't going to inform us on who the winner is until their interiors conference that's held in May. We're moving on to sketch projects now, so I will be posting loads of sketches these next 3-4 weeks. Check back often!

Jewelry Class

So for the past 4 weeks I've been attending an elective jewelry class.
Learned a lot about ring & chain soldering, hammering, patinas, etc.
Here are the two pieces that i made during the course.


interior project wrap up.

hsv onboard

v. gundam blue frame inspired

maybe i should turn hobotic into a gundam blog, and start another automotive one. comments?

int progress

threw together a quick surface model this morning, for overlay use.




sport quattro

bring me waffles..

trooper goodness

and two


Joy in the land of moose, beavers, mounties, maple syrup, and loonies.

and oh, how can i forget, Golddd medals.