viscom again

christmas card competition whoot!

purple! ?

exterior proposal for interior project (2)

Viscom motogp exercises

Digital Fundamentals Midterm

criteria: Create a photo collage representing my major

ya thats me in there

sketchbook chaos

Rhino Class Mid-term Exam

2 hours 10 mins

Viscom small truck

zombie wall-e on sketches

painting 2

highlighter clone

screw core77 (account deleted)

I sent a feedback email to the core77 admin ip_wirelessly stating that the rules and criteria need to be more clear next round.

he messages back and calls me a sore loser, saying that i complain too much.

what a fag.

waste of my time.

concept photochop 1


night of zombo

just a thought.

This is CCS and ArtCenter's relationship with the big three.
We are in our own little world.
Chrysler's on fire.

photo via budikwan