NSX GT day 3

NSX GT day 2

NSX GT day 1


Libeskind chair

we draw cars: bikes

Fuel Cell Toy Car

Got this toy called H-racer, it's hydrogen powered!

XJ Rendered

1/24 NSX Completed

'71 Cuda

Thornhill Cruisers

'70 Chevelle

Gran Torino Sport

I hung around at the local classic cruise tonight in Thornhill. A lot more cars came out this time cause of the great weather. So as I was sketching on the grass, an old man named Fred approached me and asked if i could draw the front & back of his Chevelle for him. So I agreed, and in the process also got the attention of the car club president. He offered me some space on their website to display & sell my work, so stayed tuned for that. Could also use the channel to display some renderings at the Canadian International Autoshow.

Aveo Swerve

FREE AUTOBOT SWERVE! GM Booth @ Fairview lower floor.
They are there till Sunday, only 2 to 3 left.
Info found on Seibertron.com forums.



I have two NSX models, going to practice painting techniques on the stock one first. Got most of the under body primed and painted last night. Should I make them both white and put them side by side? Ideas?

Destiny 1:100 final

Too many hours spent on this...turned out alright.
The next gundam project will be 1:100 Master Grade Freedom.

Poll: The new XJ interior

Should instrument clusters go fully digital?

Type Y/N in the comments section below.

Talk about epic.

& drawings will be uploaded this week

10th Grade Madness

Closet Treasures: this was an art project about combinations.

oh snap...on

Ramone 2.0

For Vince.