Working at GM Tech Center

For the duration of Summer, I will be working in the General Motors Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. For this internship, I am assigned to Cadillac's Interior Studio. I've been working for a week now, and it has already exceeded my expectations.

First Impressions:

It's much older than I expected, but kept really tidy. Not much clay on the floors even though models are everywhere in the building. Half the lights in the hallways are always turned off, guess that's gm's way of saving every penny. My id gives me access to all the studios in the building, many of the projects being worked on now are for release in 2014.

Everybody is really helpful, and the atmosphere is really positive. There is a lot of laughter all around, which is always good to have. My project should be making rounds in the 2011 Autoshows hopefully (and that's all I can say).

have a good one!