Yas Please

See if you can catch a glimpse of this on Sunday's race @ Yas Marina.
Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi.

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just for fun.


So it's almost snow season and everyone is rushing to get their tires changed, our family included. And so dad decides to throw some color matching alloys on our civic.
Way to go dad. Way to go. Now everyone is going to question my design sense when I drive this atrocity during the break.

can't get enough.

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Sorry Mike Pevovar, but that sketch was crying for a makeover.

LM85 1 of 24

@ Lamborghini of Troy

Citroen C-metisse 1:18 Diecast

This arrived today, helped Jonny with the order. It's gorgeous in person.


Interior Progress


This project by Tiago Barros & Jorge Pereira is a pedestrian and cycling walkway that is created by turning the freeway into a sideshow ramp. They have professional renderings and velocity diagrams! Am I disturbed? Quite.

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Just superb. Fear inducing.


Trying to get myself more familiar with trains for this Honda project. Came across images of this dazzling station in Liège, Belgium. Have a look!

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Shuttle launch photo


And it begins.



Fixing old stuff

Don't you just love floating seats?

Toronto Car!?

Toronto Electric Option 1
Range: 210 km
0-100km: 4 seconds!
Touch screen + wi-fi interior elements

Glad to see automotive developments happening back home!

Click here for the photo gallery (via: Voiture Electrique)

University of Tsukuba

Since my url name is hobotic,
it's about time that I posted something about robots.

Alright now, settle down.

spark 1/43


So here's the latest craze sweeping the nation.

And a little snapshot of Detroit, for all you Torontonians.

wow, really?

United Oil Gas Station, LA

read more at http://www.archdaily.com/36062/united-oil-gasoline-station-kanner-architect/