Sketch work

So as I was driving back into my street today, something on the other side of the road was reflecting a more than usual amount of sunlight at me.

There it was, pure black Aston DBS in all it's glory.

The crime rate on my street is going to sky rocket.

here's some sketch work from the past week:
Mazda cruiser

Chevroletor II


CCS Senior Show

Head over to for their article on the CCS Seniors.

Click here to view

Got the case.

Went out today to buy the autoart case for the gt.
Now you guys can stop bugging me about it.

& Destiny Gundam is almost complete.

Ford gt

via format67

Judging a book...

So i bought this book a while back,
it's a required text for us to have next year.
But i have to say, why on earth would they allow the cover to be like that?
Come on...that's like messed up proportions even for a Hotwheel.

(The Star Wars book came this morning, it's intense! I'll probably paint a couple of starfighters soon. Watch out Vaughan!)


Did some amazon shopping this past weekend.
Was eyeing these two things for a long time, finally gave in.
The Making of Force Unleashed, and Walls Notebook.

The star wars book is full of pre-production concept work for the game, and there should be pages full of clone trooper sketches.

Walls notebook is a collection of nyc wall photos printed on sketching paper. Sort of like a mobile graffiti handbook for planning your wall attacks. And of course i will be filling it with cars. Keep an eye out.

Doors Open Toronto

Today and tomorrow is an event in Toronto called Doors Open, where unique locations from all over our city open their doors for free to the public.

We visted the old Toronto Jail and Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. The Mandir was sculpted completely by craftsmen in India, and then shipped over to Canada to be assembled. It was quite a sight.


What a film!
I need to get my hands on their concept art book.
the work is all out insanity.

check it out @:

Walking around

The civic needed an oil change and some recall maintenance. So while that was being done, i went to the local mall. Had a good 2 hours of sketching time, and then saw this monster in the washroom.



feels good to sketch without pressure.

Made the cut

I've been selected as one of the 16 students to move forward in the Curriculum. Thanks family and friends for all your support these past two years.

And so now it begins.

Automotive Design.


One day..



Mom's graduation


I'm home.
Jon and Vaughan dropped me off and enjoyed their first stop of the road trip here in toronto. Brought them out to have dim sum in the morning and see P-mall.
I ordered chicken feet, and i think that stepped over the line a bit. Sorry guys.

Yum cha at Century Palace.

Asurada, the tv series that made me fall in love with cars.
I got this exact model somewhere, built it in first grade.
Might snatch this up real soon.

sunny day

final presentation

more pictures to come.
check back soon.

here's my finished model.



presentation on monday