Fantastic time in Detroit 2015. Glad to come home.

Sorry for the long absence.

Hey friends,

Just to give an update:
Work has been crazy these last 4 months, endless projects coming in. And it's hard to find time to do extra work for this blog now, so I'll be trying to upload mostly photos on here, and when I have work that I'm allowed to show, it'll be on here right away.

2 colleagues and I went to the Pforzheim spring show last weekend, saw tons of great work and met many designers from the various studios. There was a lot of good stuff.

And early next month, we'll be planning a trip to the Geneva show, so stay tuned for pictures!

heading to Interior Motives and Frankfurt Motor Show

Sept 14th: Interior Motives Awards at Cocoon Club, Frankfurt

Sept 15th: Trade Day 1 at IAA

Will upload the latest concept photos to share with you all.


i'm back


Going to VW Design Wolfsburg!


chevy model progress





and so the end begins.

showcase test


shooting with the new d90