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Honda update


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progress + jag@ccs

Wanted to start making the base today, but apparently we do not have access to materials yet? well here's the tape so far, any thoughts?

Day when Callum presented the xj @ccs.

1954 Mercedes Benz Blue Wonder

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from the makers of big dog.


hyundai !@#

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Chevy Turbo Titan III

Just learned about this thing in modern history class today.
What a beast! and it was made in 1966!

Where I stayed in Hong Kong.

Bottom Left + my aunt's TV is on.

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ha, genius.

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On crack

In an odd way, i am obligated to post this video.
Feel free to ridicule and laugh at it.


Package Package Package

Speaks for itself.

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A couple more b/w's to come.

Penang Global City Center

daily dose.