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Christmas! + Honda HSV

I just got home to Toronto late last night, and boy, do I miss the food.
The dim sum, the noodle houses, and the all you can eats.

Want to take the time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, remember to enjoy and treasure this great time of the year! Remember to spend the time with your families and friends, don't waste it all on shopping!

on a side note, here's a Honda HSV clip for all of you to enjoy!

update 12/15

Dongwan the Prodigy


garden garage

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kia designers are bleach fans.

"Ultimate Gaming Machine"

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from the side


clay on my glasses, clay in my shoes.

Many sleepless nights to come.

edward burtynsky

Honda update


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progress + jag@ccs

Wanted to start making the base today, but apparently we do not have access to materials yet? well here's the tape so far, any thoughts?

Day when Callum presented the xj @ccs.

1954 Mercedes Benz Blue Wonder

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from the makers of big dog.


hyundai !@#

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Chevy Turbo Titan III

Just learned about this thing in modern history class today.
What a beast! and it was made in 1966!

Where I stayed in Hong Kong.

Bottom Left + my aunt's TV is on.

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ha, genius.

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On crack

In an odd way, i am obligated to post this video.
Feel free to ridicule and laugh at it.


Package Package Package

Speaks for itself.

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A couple more b/w's to come.

Penang Global City Center

daily dose.

Yas Please

See if you can catch a glimpse of this on Sunday's race @ Yas Marina.
Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi.

(via architecture record october issue)


just for fun.


So it's almost snow season and everyone is rushing to get their tires changed, our family included. And so dad decides to throw some color matching alloys on our civic.
Way to go dad. Way to go. Now everyone is going to question my design sense when I drive this atrocity during the break.

can't get enough.

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Sorry Mike Pevovar, but that sketch was crying for a makeover.

LM85 1 of 24

@ Lamborghini of Troy

Citroen C-metisse 1:18 Diecast

This arrived today, helped Jonny with the order. It's gorgeous in person.


Interior Progress


This project by Tiago Barros & Jorge Pereira is a pedestrian and cycling walkway that is created by turning the freeway into a sideshow ramp. They have professional renderings and velocity diagrams! Am I disturbed? Quite.

(Read more at Bustler)


Just superb. Fear inducing.


Trying to get myself more familiar with trains for this Honda project. Came across images of this dazzling station in Liège, Belgium. Have a look!

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Shuttle launch photo


And it begins.