Viscom Shiny Black

Meeting Syd Mead and Camilo

feb 16 @ Syd Mead Presentation

Alias pencil sharpener

Viscom Yaris

Vaughan on concept ships

Vaughan's hanging with the big boys now.
go check it out at

more 1 hour renders

Studio exercises

lotus pickup ideation

Alias detergent bottle

roadster contd

still needs work, but i'm going to leave it at that for now.

quick thought

proportions need to be explored, but here's the newsprint scan

Pose & Ewok - Seventh Letter Crew

viscom speed form week 2

JHO @ Luciano Bove blog

Luciano and I were fortunate enough to share a good conversation this past month. He dedicated an article on his blog sharing a bit about me and my work!

So head over to and have a look.

(Luciano is a Design Manager at Renault Design. He graduated ACCD in 89 and taught at Art Center Europe for 4 years. He is a great friend of our dean Imre Molnar.)
Thanks Again Luciano!

first alias lamp

well here's the first wack at it