Thornhill Cruisers

'70 Chevelle

Gran Torino Sport

I hung around at the local classic cruise tonight in Thornhill. A lot more cars came out this time cause of the great weather. So as I was sketching on the grass, an old man named Fred approached me and asked if i could draw the front & back of his Chevelle for him. So I agreed, and in the process also got the attention of the car club president. He offered me some space on their website to display & sell my work, so stayed tuned for that. Could also use the channel to display some renderings at the Canadian International Autoshow.


Vincent Ho said...

dude, that doesnt happen most of the time. can you tell me what the website is???? oh and mom says you are associable and friendly with new friends. good luck

Vho(i will kick ur butt in basketball one day or another(Noah))

gousmanov vadim said...